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Common Rainy Season Diseases Symptoms and Prevention
Health Tips 27 Jun 2024

The monsoon season in India brings great enjoyment in most parts of the country because of the relief it brings from the hot summer months. The plains especially have severely hot weather all through the summer and people wait for the monsoon season. Though it is a time when people breathe a sigh of relief at the rains, it is also when a host of diseases crop up. Many monsoon diseases and infections can affect the life and health of you and your family. Let’s look at them and how most of them can be prevented with ease and precautions.

Diseases Caused By Mosquitoes

In rainy season, mosquitoes breed and India has a real problem with mosquito-borne illnesses. Some of the diseases caused by mosquitoes during the season are:

  • Malaria: It is a major concern for both children and adults during the monsoons. Plasmodium, which is a single-cell parasite, causes this disease. The parasites breed in streams and water channels and are usually accompanied by intermittent fever that can last for several days to weeks.
  • Chikungunya: The non-fatal viral disease is caused by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes that breed and live in stagnant water cause this disease. These mosquitoes bite not just during the daytime but also during the night so precautionary measures are required.
  • Dengue: The mosquitoes that cause this monsoon disease also breed and live in stagnant water and bite human beings all through the day and night. Dengue patients will experience stiffness in the arms and legs and also joint pains.

Diseases Caused By Substandard Water

The diseases in the rainy season can be caused by substandard quality of water. The worst affected by water-borne diseases are children though and the most common of them are mentioned below:

  • Typhoid: dangerous bacteria and poor sanitation is usually the reason for the disease. Children drinking contaminated water or eating uncovered or contaminated food will usually be afflicted with diseases during the rainy season. Sore throat, joint pain, headache, and fever are the most common symptoms of this dreaded disease.
  • Jaundice: One of the most common diseases during rainy season, Jaundice, which is caused by eating contaminated food or drinking contaminated water. Caused by the unsanitary conditions people live in, the monsoons make the situation worst. Jaundice can be identified by symptoms such as vomiting, yellowing of eyes, yellow urine, fatigue, and weakness.
  • Cholera: Once upon a time, Cholera was one of the most fatal monsoon diseases in India. It created havoc within the society. Though its efficacy is now much lower across the country, the disease is still dreaded across the country.
  • Hepatitis A: The viral infection can be terrible for the body and can cause sudden loss of appetite. It can affect the liver and lungs.

Diseases That Spread Through Air

Some monsoon diseases spread through air and these are pretty common across the length and breadth of the country. Air-borne infections get transmitted by disease-causing pathogens and the good news is, these are usually mild. However, do not assume that they are always going to have a mild effect on the body. Children and senior people with weak immune systems can be greatly affected by them.

  • Common Cold and Flu: These are very common and are usually caused as temperatures keep fluctuating during the rainy season. The diseases in the monsoon season can affect the body more in case the immune system is weak. Fever, chills, sore throat, and runny nose are common symptoms.
  • Influenza: This is also described as the common flu and gets transmitted from one person to the next through the air.

Preventing Common Diseases During Rainy Season

With diseases and infections incredibly common during the monsoons, prevention is always better than cure. Here are some tips that will help:

  • With common diseases in the rainy season such as those that are mosquito-borne, keep yourself and your family safe with mosquito nets during the night. Use them during the day as well if a family member is napping as there is always possibility that mosquitoes will bite.
  • Wash bathrooms thoroughly as frequently as possible and maintain sanitized spaces all the time.
  • Stop collecting water anywhere in and around the house if you have a habit of doing so. They are great places for mosquitoes to breed. Also, throw away any stagnant water that may already be present.
  • Mosquito repellants and creams are great for the rainy season and protect adults and children from many mosquito-borne diseases. Apply liberally on the skin or spray on clothes before stepping out.
  • High-quality water is essential for human health and fitness therefore, Avoid drinking water from the roadside or any unsanitary place. Carry your own water at all times whenever outside. At home, make sure to drink water from a water purifier. If you do not have one, boil the water, and straining, is one of the safest ways to ensure potable drinking water for the whole family.
  • Vegetables and fruits are another cause of monsoon diseases in India. Wash vegetables and fruits before consumption. Do it thoroughly.
  • If there are potholes or open drains in the locality, make sure they get covered.
  • Maintain personal hygiene all the time especially when you are traveling.
  • To prevent diseases that get transmitted through the air, stay away from people who are openly coughing or sneezing. Cover your nose and mouth when you are sneezing or coughing. Monsoon fever can be prevented by ensuring the home is well-ventilated at all and clean.

The excessive moisture content during Indian monsoons is what causes most of the diseases and infections that affect adults and children during the season. Eating fresh and homemade food and ensuring personal hygiene will keep you safe from most of them.

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